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I love to help my clients be able to work less "IN" their businesses so they can work more "ON" their businesses. And because I have more than 40 years worth of experience in more than a dozen different industries as well as 20+ years as a business owner, I'm an expert at providing my clients with the kinds of innovative solutions to their problems that allow them to achieve better results than ever before no matter what types of products or services they provide.

I've discovered that my clients are looking for the kind Administrative Support combined with innovative thinking that helps them get their work done more quickly and effectively while also reducing errors and stress. They appreciate the effort I put into uncovering the root causes of  the slow downs and errors that are tripping them and their employees up as well as the creative ways I come up with to help them resolve these types of problems. For example, this could involve taking a paper form and creating an electronic version of it so that no one who reads it has to wonder exactly what the author's handwriting really said. But if they don't have the time or know-how to accomplish that, they might continue to be frustrated when they intended to say one thing but the reader interpreted it in a completely different way thus causing unnecessary stress.

They also appreciate Content Writing that improves the appearance, cohesiveness and professionalism of their presence across all media formats. And since I'm a very detail oriented person and an excellent writer, things like spelling errors and sentence structure issues become a thing of the past for them. Plus, I  know how to take a simple paragraph or even a complete page or document and restructure it in a way that makes it more interesting and that compels the reader to take action rather than to just skim through it and move on. 

  As for Market Research, I conduct it in such a way as to help my clients discover (and then develop & implement) programs that enhance and modernize the impact of their current "message" and increase their future market success. Because of my many years of experience in a wide variety of industries and the fact that I'm able to look at their current message with "fresh" eyes, from a more consumer-driven approach, they're able to find new customers interested in doing business with them and even renewed interest from current or past customers.

 And when it comes to Client Communications, my assistance helps them put their best foot forward, builds customer loyalty and promotes their value proposition to prospective customers, vendors & investors alike. This is accomplished as I work with them to produce and distribute the kinds of creative and interesting written and electronic communication pieces that engage their clients' curiosity and excitement about whatever it is they have to offer---whether it's a brand new product or service or something they've been providing for a very long time. 

 I'm currently looking to expand my client base and would welcome the opportunity to talk to any business owner who could use the kinds of resources and solutions I'm excited about being able to offer. Please call or email me using the contact information below!

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